Worlds Statistics Day: What’s Tokelau’s GDP? “We have no idea”

To help Tokelau’s citizens improve their quality of life, there is a need to measure their economy, productivity, performance, innovation. But without a GDP value, global frameworks and solutions will find it hard to anchor and action programs in the tiny Pacific nation.

NIUE WWI CENTENARY: Su’a and Winston Peters stand with Niue remembering 150 WWI soldiers’

Of the 150-strong group of men, 140 had never left their island home in their lives. 73 of them were married. Thirty left behind families of one to four children. One family farewelled four sons. And that the majority of them would never see their families again.

Open letter to Su’a: “I’m proud of a National Government supporting the aspirations of Pacific families and communities

Yesterday our Government announced a funding boost of $19 million which will allow an extra 940 students to attend Trades Academies from 2016. This means more opportunities for Pacific youth to achieve aspirations, become skilled, employable and have a brighter future Alfred Ngaro, National MP.

NZ and Fiji relations restored or is it a US agenda?

It was a positive jovial meeting that was kicked off by “Bula” and rugby in a small cubicle in New York. But it is the ‘formal’ and ‘scheduled’ nature of the meeting after a 10-year stand-off that has alarm bells ringing something is not quite right.