NTSA-The Pacific’s not so ‘secret weapon’ against illegal fishers pilfering US$616m/year

“As Pacific islanders you share your resources, share information towards a common goal – and that is exactly what the NTSA does. A multilateral instrument that would allow protection of the Pacific fishery and ensure sustainability of the resource for the benefit of Pacific peoples.” Ms Suzanne Lowe Gallen & Dr Manu Tupou-Roosen.

Samoa fisheries ‘Operation Rico’ catches est.$900k illegal sea cucumber harvest in Samoa

A Samoa law enforcement operation has pulled off one of the largest successful raids of illegally harvested fish products in the history of the country. Dried sea cucumber with an estimated market value as high as US$360,000 or just under $1million Samoan tala. A Chinese man caught in the raid has been charged with breaching Samoa’s Fisheries Act 1988.

Tokelau blesses NZ Labour’s climate taskforce to Tuvalu and Kiribati

I am here on behalf of the Ulu o Tokelau, Aliki Faipule Afega Gaualofa, the elders and the people of Tokelau to convey their love and blessings to the Labour Party’s Pacific Climate Change leadership in establishing a Taskforce team in response to the Pacific’s cry for help in combatting climate change. We wish you well in your visit to Tuvalu and Kiribati. Paula Faiva, Manager, Climate Change.

REVEALED: How many US$millions do Pacific countries lose through illegal fishing every year?

A new FFA report launched tomorrow will provide the most reliable and current estimate of annual tuna lost revenues for Pacific countries previously touted at US$1.5billion. The report will help Pacific countries plan with confidence against losses through more effective stock assessments and stronger MCS responses.

Wellington’s ‘Y Men’: leader in pushing young men as early childhood teachers

Y men might be a huge success in a much needed education sector, but it has not guaranteed continuity. Current negotiations with its major government funder has yet to finalise and the outlook for such an innovative and successful program is not assured.