International cooperation and personal relations key to stopping illegal fishing globally

Auckland, NZ – At the official opening of the 5th Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop (GFETW) there was general agreement that the key to stopping illegal fishing globally, is through international cooperation and sharing...

Tokelau praise NZ in monitoring its oceans, but calls for a standardized Pacific technology system

Auckland, NZ – There is a perception amongst regional agencies that Tokelau’s fishery does not need much assistance because New Zealand looks after its monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) needs. This perception is not...

Pacific tuna Treaty deal saved, US fishing fleet back on the water – FFA

The resumption of fishing under the Treaty by the US purse seine fleet, follows the surprise US action in late 2015 to request a substantial reduction in their fishing commitments in Pacific Island Parties (PIP) fishing zones in 2016 despite an agreement reached earlier in August 2015. The revised package comes at a cost with Pacific countries losing an estimated US$23 million as a result.

Genetic study reveal Polynesian origins, and how 5,000 year migration impact Pasifika and Maori health today

There are many theories and accounts of Pacific voyaging, but this is the first that brings it all together and provides the only complete description of the origins of Polynesian peoples, their complex ancestry, and how genetic variation was lost as people migrated across the Pacific.