Niue calls for changes to Governor General swearing-in ceremony – recognition for NZ Realm countries

Niue has called for slight changes to the Governor-General swearing-in ceremony in September. Niue’s High Commissioner, H.E. Tauveve O’love Jacobsen wants more visible recognition and acknowledgement for countries of the Realm of New Zealand,...

Sea-level rise has claimed five whole islands in the Pacific: first scientific evidence

Science confirms at least five reef islands in the remote Solomon Islands have been lost completely to sea-level rise and coastal erosion, and a further six islands have been severely eroded. These lost islands range in size from one to five hectares. Nuatambu Island, home to 25 families, has lost more than half of its habitable area, with 11 houses washed into the sea since 2011.

Samoa’s Selu Alofipo: One of President Obama’s 10 champions for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community

Of the 10 champions two are Pacific islanders. Ms Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu a Native Hawaiian teacher, cultural practitioner, and community leader; and Selu Alofipo born in the Samoan village of Vaitoloa, located a mere 5-minutes from the capital Apia.

Part 1: Rare insight to raising Pacific superfamilies in Wellington’s Porirua region

  It all started seven years ago when Rebecca Welch was introduced to the Aoga Amata (early childhood centre) run by EFKS (Congregational Christian Church of Samoa) Porirua headed by Reverend Nove and wife...

Pacific islands to UN’s IPCC co-chair: We are ‘Canaries in the climate change coalmine’

I live in London, a city with millions of people; what that means is that people who live in cities don’t really understand what goes on in Small Island States. So I come here knowing what I do not know and I come here with all humility to learn from you about what some of the priorities might be for IPCC. Prof Jim Skea, IPCC co-Chair Mitigation.

What Pacific leaders’ said at the United Nations Paris Agreement signing

On 22 April 2016, 175 countries signed the Paris Agreement at the United Nations HQ in New York. Twelve of the 14 Pacific states signed the Agreement with six of them [Fiji, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Samoa, and Tuvalu] amongst the 15 countries that also deposited their instruments of ratification.

EFKS Christchurch: 50 years of growing a unique way of life in Aotearoa NZ

What we are celebrating is much more than Samoa’s oldest church denomination reaching another milestone in NZ. It epitomises the commitment and aspirations of our forefathers to provide a better life for their children while holding onto their traditional way of life, with the aim of gifting authentic Samoan values, beliefs, culture and language to future generations.