Tokelau highlight Pacific vulnerabilities at Berlin global climate governance conference

It is critical that a Pacific voice is part of the Berlin meeting to ensure Pacific countries and territories’ vulnerabilities to climate change are part of the discussions as climate policies and institutions to govern them are being researched and developed under the auspices of the Paris Agreement.

‘400 Day’ milestone confirm Tokelau’s climate warning as world bury heads in sand!

‘400 Day’ is a level scientists figure the accumulation of greenhouse gases has pushed global temperatures up to nearly 1.5°C since 1850. They estimate that 2°C of warming will occur at 450 ppm.

Turning trash into treasure: Victoria Master’s graduate, Lionel Taito-Matamua 3D printing innovation

Lionel’s research topic came about when he attended his grandmother’s funeral in Samoa. While there, he was shocked to see the sheer volume of waste. It inspired him to devote his Master’s thesis to try and find a way to help.

Saving babies and mums: Midwifery, critical service for Pacific national progress with a focus on Fiji

“Whilst working towards building midwives numbers in-country, we are seriously considering bringing in retired midwives and we have done that for the last three years – at retirement these women have experience, the know-how, clinical and leadership skills and their midwifery practice is top-notch.” Fiji’s Director Nursing Services, Ms Silina Waqa.

Niue calls for changes to Governor General swearing-in ceremony – recognition for NZ Realm countries

Niue has called for slight changes to the Governor-General swearing-in ceremony in September. Niue’s High Commissioner, H.E. Tauveve O’love Jacobsen wants more visible recognition and acknowledgement for countries of the Realm of New Zealand,...

Sea-level rise has claimed five whole islands in the Pacific: first scientific evidence

Science confirms at least five reef islands in the remote Solomon Islands have been lost completely to sea-level rise and coastal erosion, and a further six islands have been severely eroded. These lost islands range in size from one to five hectares. Nuatambu Island, home to 25 families, has lost more than half of its habitable area, with 11 houses washed into the sea since 2011.

Samoa’s Selu Alofipo: One of President Obama’s 10 champions for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community

Of the 10 champions two are Pacific islanders. Ms Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu a Native Hawaiian teacher, cultural practitioner, and community leader; and Selu Alofipo born in the Samoan village of Vaitoloa, located a mere 5-minutes from the capital Apia.