Pinikilicious Part 1: What’s in a name? the story behind the fast growing Porirua Pasifika women’s brand

Pinikilicious, in its fourth year, has grown into a brand symbolising what a successful Pacific-specific response looks like for addressing Pasifika women issues in New Zealand.

OVERSTAYERS: Samoa, China and India top NZ’s overstayers list

Samoa is New Zealand’s top-ranked country for the largest decrease in overstayers since 2000. China and India are at the bottom with the highest increase in overstayers for the same period. A different perspective for Samoa from a 2012 headline that read, Samoa, India and China top deportation list.

Having been Instrumental in Achieving the Paris Agreement, the Commonwealth has to be Instrumental in Delivering It

Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC is 6th Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations. She is the first woman SG, and took up the post on 1 April 2016. She is expected to give greater impetus to the agenda of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and ensure that the international community continues to address the vulnerabilities of Small Island States.

Samoa and Niue links to Panama law firm’s offshore secrets

In the mid-1990s, Mossack Fonseca signed a 20-year-deal with Niue’s government for exclusive rights to register offshore companies in the country. By 2001, it was paying the equivalent of $1.6million of the Niue government’s projected $2 million annual budget. But in 2003, Niue declined to renew four of its clients, signaling it would shut down the firm’s exclusive franchise. No worries, it shifted its operation to Samoa…

Around 65 women parliamentarians meet in Samoa with aim to lead economic developments in their countries

The theme of this conference is not about ‘women’s issues’ but about ensuring women take advantage of the opportunities to lead in the economic development of their countries. It is completely non partisan, cross house structure with members of opposition joining government members from Parliaments across the Pacific.