Le'aufa'amulia Asenati Lole-Taylor.

Asenati creates history in NZ parliament

“The most fascinating thing about all this is I am in the opposition, my party, New Zealand First, is the National government’s enemy No.1., so to have a bill not just pass through the members but pass through unanimously in its first reading is a huge, huge achievement.”

Pacific presbyterians: Journey to freedom

“And he said to them, come with all your cultural values and gifts, with your songs and hymns, languages and dances. And our fore fathers had high hopes that here in this big and wealthy palagi church called Presbyterian, that our people will be cared for, looked after, housed, educated, trained in the ministry, nurtured in the new land, trusted to be responsible, be populous, and become part of the extended New Zealand family.”

Maori and Samoan legacy: Sir Maui Pomare and Ta’isi Nelson

“Ta’isi…do you really think that I would prostitute my honour or forfeit the heritage of our people for a seat in Cabinet or a portfolio in a pakeha government? It is yet my sincere hope in life to maintain and restore to my Polynesian kinsmen what has been lost for all time to Maori, governing themselves in ‘Maoriland’.” Sir Maui Pomare, July 1927.