How the global health community could meet the challenge of climate change impacts on health and global justice

Climate change is expected to cause around 250,000 additional deaths each year between 2030 and 2050 from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea and heat stress. The direct damage costs to health is estimated US$2-4billion per year by 2030. Medact’s Joy Hyvarinen writes on how the global health community can meet the challenge.

Plan turning Apia’s Waterfront to a unique public space will benefit Pacific region

Development of the Waterfront Plan has been a ‘whole of Samoa’ approach with its many developmental objectives woven in. The collaborative effort involving the government, community, private sector stakeholders and embraced inputs from its diaspora will also feature Tokelau.

Cook Islands PM, Henry Puna, installed as 23rd Chancellor of USP

“I am conscious of the fact that a lot of important people have walked this path before me including the late Sir Geoffrey Henry from the Cook Islands so I have very big shoes to fill. But because it’s a family University in the sense that it belongs to all of us in the South Pacific, I am comfortable because already I feel at home.” Hon. Henry Puna.

Building resilience into Tokelau’s 100% solar energy system – add wind power

A three-pronged solution to Tokelau’s energy demands is being implemented. One that expands the capacity of the current energy system, keeps Tokelau within the decarbonization guidelines of the Paris Agreement, and adds resilience to its power sector.

Disney A-listers awestruck by ‘Pasifika Voices’ and their Samoan, Tokelauan, Kiwi and Melanesian connection

I have been working in a lot of movies and whether recording in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the world, I can sincerely say that the experience in working with Pasifika Voices has been the absolute tops. Oscar winner: Tom MacDougall.