21st Governor General ceremony will include extra NZ Realm elements for the first time

The changes are based on recognising the Realm of New Zealand, and its members, as central to the oath that Governor Generals are sworn to uphold. So who was it that raised the issue and drove the changes? Ans: It’s a Niuean lady…

If American Samoa becomes a full Pacific Forum member, what might they bring to the mix?

The Attorney General has been tasked to raise our interest with the two oversight US agencies whether our participation would violate any condition of our relationship with the United States Government. If a favorable response emanates, the appropriate membership application will be filed with the Forum Secretariat.

When Paris Agreement becomes legal, what does it mean for Tokelau?

For Tokelau, Paris means it needs to proactively come up with a whole of government approach to move in a low-carbon direction. Tomorrow, 26 September, Tokelau’s head of climate change, Mrs Paula Faiva will outline to political leaders a blueprint of “how” Tokelau will do it. And if they leave it too late, Tokelau will be left behind.

Cook Islands signs agreement with Ocean Minerals to prospect and explore its seabed for Rare Earth Elements

With the world currently negotiating a UN Oceans Treaty expected to be adopted in 2018, the Cook Islands has taken a leadership position to secure rights to its domestic maritime assets and a partnership approach to control harvesting and development directions.

Washington State & Am. Samoa’s Joe Salave’a named amongst 18 finalists for Polynesian Football Hall of Fame

Polynesian Football Hall of Fame announced 18 finalists for 6 spots to be inducted in 2017. Washington State’s defensive line coach Joe Salave’a is one of 11 Samoans in the 18 shortlisted candidates that include one of Maori ancestry, Riki Morgan Ellison.

French Polynesia grows Pacific Forum family to 18, signals shifting political landscape

Granting full membership represented a significant shift for the Pacific Islands Forum. A shift in search of its future and what its role could be in a geo-political landscape that has, and is changing markedly since it was set-up in the 1970s.

Climate tops Pacific leaders agenda–what it means to smaller Pacific states–Tuvalu

The SIS Strategy is an important integrating tool in Tuvalu’s vision and plans to safeguard its lands, seas and people to the growing threats of climate change, natural disasters and related economic and social hazards.