Who’s standing up for me?

In this section, Pacific islanders and others wanting a say about the General Elections this year get a chance to air their views. A chance to say who is championing their cause. Or help open their eyes to false promises.

You can do this in two ways:

  1. Comment on the articles in the ‘Who’s standing up for me’ section, or
  2. Send us a ‘Letter to the Pacific Guardians’ which we can publish under the this section.

Pacific Guardians will post your ‘letters’  as well as reports, schedules, news items and relevant information about the elections for the Pacific here. We will also post articles about the Political Parties and MPs and their views/policies about the Pacific.

We want this forum to provide our Pacific perspective on issues that is a concern to us. It is a place where we can give our honest opinions, feedback, concerns and solutions.

But as our website title, Pacific Guardians stands for, there are a few conditions that govern what and how our members can express their views.

Our freedom to express what we feel are our rights have boundaries. These are necessary to protect our relationship between one another and our wider community. It all falls under the law, ‘Love your Neighbour as you love yourself’. The ultimate aim is that we get to talanoa (talk and debate) and bring forward what is in our best interests, and that of our collective responsibilities as residents of Aotearoa New Zealand.

We look forward to each and every contribution.

The Pacific Guardians team.

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