Ears on the Wall Syndrome (EonTWS)

Featunai Liuaana, Sandringham Auckland
Dr Liuaana, always around the community.

EonTWS is an insightful, thought provoking collection of writings by Dr Featuna’i Liua’ana. Based on his everyday experiences as a community leader at the grassroots, he describes the ‘Ears on the Wall Syndrome’ as “reflections on issues of the day” with a heavy emphasis on social justice.

His writings tell the story of Samoan lives during the period starting 7 July 2012 to 9 April 2013.


Due to hard times faced by Pacific people, the politics at the Beehive became the main topic of conversations and hence main subject of his writings. It explains from a Samoan and Pacific perspective the impacts of these policies on the grassroots level. From his Sandringham community to the outer reaches of South Auckland Dr Liua’ana’s ‘ears on the wall’ picked up the real feelings of Pacific people, their situation and nuances in their daily lives . 

As the elections on 20 September 2014 get closer, Dr Liua’ana’s writings bring out the real Pacific voice about issues and impacts of government policies on their lives from 2012 to 2013. It reveals with greater accuracy Pasifika communities interpretation of life under National’s governance, and who in the opposition kept them honest.

His first column “It’s Colder than Normal for Many People” in July 2012, provides a good introduction to the series, the style of writing and perspective of a man who deals with his people on a daily basis.

An excerpt: “It seems the long range forecast during the summer months of the last election by the National Party has turned out to be a bit of the Antarctica for many low income earners and poor families in New Zealand. From what I can gather from Pacific Island newspapers and Radio programmes, the icy feeling experienced by many Pacific Island families at the moment will continue with no respite in sight.

“Many say it’s due to the National government’s stance on asset sales, the insecurity of the nature of our children’s future education, the overhaul of the Social Welfare system, changes to Immigration services, the debacle within the Accident Compensation Corporation,  and the  latest failed transformation by Housing New Zealand to use an 0800 line to deal with client issues; all of these changes seemed to have caused a freeze in the will and spirit, and not to mention the wallet, of many Pacific Island families.”

The topics and issues covered are listed below with easy links to the articles.

1. It’s colder than normal for many people (7 Jul 2012)

2. Public shared water soon to be private (19 Jul 2012)

3. Dark nights rising (27 Jul 2012)

4. El Nino predicted: Omen for Political Wisdom (2 Aug 2012)

5. Louisa backs Pasifika against the Wall  (9 Aug 2012)

6. The agony and the ecstasy  (17 Aug 2012)

7. Friendship to Fiendship  (24 Aug 2012)

8. Major eruptions in the Auckland horizon  (31 Aug 2012)

9. United we stand  (6 Sep 2012)

10. A Fish a day … or fish for a lifetime  (13 Sep 2012)

11. Pan and his fairies  (20 Sep 2012)

12. G.U.T.S (genuine urgency to succeed)  (27 Sep  2012)

13. The Buck stops Somewhere  (5 Oct 2012)

14. National giveth and National taketh (12 Oct 2012)

15. Float like a butterfly Sting like a bee (19 Oct 2012)

16. Lies behind the masks (26 Oct 2012)

17. Sacrifice the Poor to Save to Rich  (2 Nov 2012)

18. People: The real wealth of nation  (9 Nov 2012)

19. Epitome of the four monkeys… (16 Nov 2012)

20. Keep friends close, enemies closer (23 Nov 2012)

21. Debt, slaver of the free  (30 Nov 2012)

22. ‘Tis the season to be jolly  (7 Dec 2012)

23. Live by the Sword die by the Sword  (20 Dec 2012)

24. A New Year and more aftershocks  (26 Feb 2013)

25. And we’ll roll the old chariot along  (6 Mar 2013)

26. Banks, never been my cup of tea  (13 Mar 2013)

27 There’s only 3 kinds of Johns in the world  (19 Mar 2013)

28. Easter – still stumbling a few blocks  (2 Apr 2013)

29. Reputation is something character is everything  (9 Apr 2013)


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