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Tokelau’s Energy Milestone: Atafu expands renewable energy to Matagi, enabling economic growth and development

Even though Tokelau is too small to influence global climate and energy negotiations and politics, it can champion the pathway the Pacific region has vowed to walk in regards to renewable energy and the fight to reduce fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

REEF ROBBERS: Who’s paying? New pressures for Pacific surveillance from Vietnam’s Blue Boats

“As we deal with the Vietnamese blue boat issue, technically this is not within the FFA’s mandate. So we will be looking for a full mandate from member countries.” James Movick, FFA Director General.

NGO-ready help for Pacific as technology platforms need ‘legal-people’ support

As NGOs, we’re interested to help support the policies underlying the technologies because in many cases the countries may have their legislation based back in the 1960s or 1970s as they probably never envisioned the computers we have available today to be able to capture and use that information. Mr Bubba Cook, WWF.

National announces free UFB connections for ‘virtually’ all NZ households

As National government inaction locks out Realm countries from high-internet connectivity, Communications Minister Amy Adams confirmed National has delivered on its commitment to connect virtually every New Zealand household to the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) network – free of charge.

NZ govt ignoring ICT obligations to Niue, Cook Is. and Tokelau an injustice

NZ’s lack of action, whether by ignorance or just poor advise, has huge impacts on Realm nations. The omission from Hawaiki and therefore high-speed connectivity to the rest of the world drills far deeper than just the price of the sea-cable infrastructure build. The price being paid is the cost of ‘time-delay’ that will stunt developmental progress by decades, perhaps longer for these countries.

French Polynesia’s telecommunications system rated world class by Polynesian leaders

The Tahiti telecommunications infrastructure also houses one of only five Uplink Stations for the European Union’s Galileo global navigation satellite system. Galileo raises French Polynesia’s telecommunications capability and participation to the global level and with it, the Pacific’s importance as a global hub for satellite technology.

Turning trash into treasure: Victoria Master’s graduate, Lionel Taito-Matamua 3D printing innovation

Lionel’s research topic came about when he attended his grandmother’s funeral in Samoa. While there, he was shocked to see the sheer volume of waste. It inspired him to devote his Master’s thesis to try and find a way to help.

International cooperation and personal relations key to stopping illegal fishing globally

Auckland, NZ – At the official opening of the 5th Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop (GFETW) there was general agreement that the key to stopping illegal fishing globally, is through international cooperation and sharing...

Tokelau praise NZ in monitoring its oceans, but calls for a standardized Pacific technology system

Auckland, NZ – There is a perception amongst regional agencies that Tokelau’s fishery does not need much assistance because New Zealand looks after its monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) needs. This perception is not...