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GCF Board, world’s multibillion dollar climate fund meets in Samoa under shadow of ineffectiveness

“For Pacific nations, simplified procedures are not only about getting faster access to available resources, but on a broader level about building up and retaining the capacity in our regions to plan and implement climate change activities.” HE Ali’ioaiga Feturi Elisaia.

At Morocco climate meeting, should Pacific countries follow Bangladesh’s focus on ‘Loss and Damage’?

With the 2C goal, let alone 1.5C aspirational goal virtually impossible if Trump withdraws the US, their “1.5C to stay alive” position has been weakened significantly. What other options are there for Pacific states in a new and more difficult landscape?

Pacific welcomes global climate agreement. Urge negotiators to focus on real enemy – ‘profit driven systems’ in Marrakech COP22

For Pacific negotiators this is the moment of truth. The destination aimed for from 1992. They are the officials in the moment. To ensure the region’s priorities are not ignored, sidelined, diluted or omitted from the important texts that will frame policies, financing, activities and projects under the Paris Agreement and its future accords.

War on climate change: Is the Pacific ready when the world’s plan of attack is put together in Morocco next month?

The outcomes from Morocco should be: each government has clarity on its GHG emissions commitment and what it needs to do to achieve those commitments; access to climate financing simplified; and green technology made available, and invested in, so the world moves away from dirty fuels. But is the Pacific ready to ensure its best interests are reflected in the outcomes?

The four success components behind Tuvalu’s US$38million GCF project, and importance of climate finance access

Tuvalu’s success makes it only the second Pacific island country, after Fiji, to have successfully accessed GCF project finance. It highlights the difficulties that small under-resourced and under-capacitated Pacific island countries face when trying to access multilateral climate financing.

Samoa at centre of UN Small Islands Partnership Framework to protect vulnerable islands

The Framework is a direct follow-up of the third SIDS Conference held in Samoa, 2014 with the purpose: to monitor and ensure that pledges and commitments through partnerships that were made for SIDS, are implemented in full.

Tuvalu, first small Pacific nation to gain GCF project funding with US$38.8million for Coastal Adaptation project

Project resources will be used to put in place a robust coastal protection infrastructure along 2,210m of vulnerable coastlines of Funafuti, Nanumea and Nanumaga representing nearly 28% of the high value zone of the country, which currently has no protective measures. It also represents 10% of all vulnerable coastlines in the country.

Paula Bennett cries, backs renewable energy as Pacific solution to climate change

On 3 June, Mrs Bennett walked past Betio Hospital, functional but, previously, had been evacuated due to flooding: “You can read about it, you can hear the stories, but when you are faced with it in reality, it is incredibly stark.”

Implications of the Paris climate agreement for Tokelau and coral atoll nations of the Pacific

Tokelau’s future survival is dependent on the actions of other governments. The Paris Agreement puts all countries onto a new, transformative global climate governance system aimed at ‘weaning the world off fossil fuels’. The new system has deep implications for development trajectories of Pacific islands that include: sustainable development goals, adaptation and resilience, energy systems, agriculture and related food systems, potential sources of finance, transport, and non economic loss and damage.

Pacific’s custom-built climate change centre set for 2018 opening

The one-stop Pacific-wide ‘Climate Change’ shop will have all the necessary training and meeting facilities to tackle new technological challenges and developments, especially in the key areas of climate change science and meteorology.