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Te Ulugā Talafau: Something new and beautiful from Nukunonu, Tokelau Islands

“This newspaper will not replace the cultural role of the matai in informing his or her extended family on the outcomes of the Taupulega meetings. In fact, the role of this newspaper is to ensure that everyone is informed and the public receives a record of the decisions.” Asi Pasilio

‘Te Kanava’: Atafu descendants’ plan for NZ, diaspora and building a bridge to home

Te Kanava ushers in a new era of doing things in foreign lands and a space for exploring doing things in a Tokelauan way as they themselves march to nationhood. It embodies a new approach that meshes modern operations systems with traditional support from elders as advisors and spiritual leaders.

Preventable cancer deaths in NZ’s Pacific peoples are increasing. Yet decreasing amongst Europeans/Other – why?

The study’s findings are an indictment on government agencies, health service providers and social services who have certainly effected positive change in all other segments of New Zealand’s demographic but; have/are failing big time with Pasifika and Maori communities.

LAUNCHED: A new book of Tongan nursery rhymes and poems aimed to protect cultural principles and values

The book is a response to a lack of good resources for teaching Tongan language and culture in New Zealand. “As migrants in Aotearoa, we need to build a neighbourhood where our languages, traditions and cultural practices will continue to inspire the next generation.” Dr Linita Manu’atu.