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Inequality, answer to housing crisis and Pacific islanders sense of Kiwiness

“It makes no difference where you live if you are Indigenous—you will be worse off health-wise, regardless of the economic status of that country. It is related to poverty, poor education levels, employment status, and access to health services, and whether Indigenous people are actually counted, which they are not in some countries.”

Open letter to Alfred: Is this really the bright future promised to our Pasifika people?

How many of our people have benefitted from the jobs Alfred Ngaro claims have been created? Are they among the 11.3 per cent of our people unemployed when the New Zealand average is 5.9 per cent? Are they surviving by cobbling together two or three casual jobs to make ends meet? asks Su’a William Sio.

International Youth Day: “Its up to us to hold world leaders to their promises”

“World leaders are making big decisions this year about the most important issues our generation faces. It is down to us to make sure they make big promises, and to ensure that those promises are kept for our and future generations.” Pefi Kingi QSM.

Looking for ‘real solutions’ to NZ’s child poverty? Answer: call Porirua’s Etu Ao Homebase

The 2014 Child Poverty Monitor released Tuesday this week did not provide solutions to New Zealand’s unacceptably high child poverty record. What the report does is establish a set of indicators that can be monitored...