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NZ Immigration watchdog message to Samoa, Tonga and Fiji: “Use NZ Licensed Immigration Advisors only”

Licensed advisers have specialist expertise and have met competency standards. They follow a code of conduct that requires them to be honest and respectful. “People who are not licensed or exempt can share publicly available information or help friends and family occasionally, but cannot provide immigration advice” Ms Catherine Albiston.

NZ BUDGET FAIL: Govt’s 2016 budget has failed Pasifika, failed the Realm, failed New Zealanders!

By Su’a William Sio,MP for Mangere and Labour Party’s Pacific Spokesperson. Budget 2016 fails to address the big issues that matter to our communities. The National Government reveals itself as an arrogant government who is...

OVERSTAYERS: Samoa, China and India top NZ’s overstayers list

Samoa is New Zealand’s top-ranked country for the largest decrease in overstayers since 2000. China and India are at the bottom with the highest increase in overstayers for the same period. A different perspective for Samoa from a 2012 headline that read, Samoa, India and China top deportation list.

NZ govt to drowning Pacific nations “not going to give it a white person’s guilt response to it,” Michael Woodhouse

Mr Woodhouse’s comments is evidence of the low priority the current Australia and New Zealand government immigration ministers have about Pacific island nations on the verge of drowning from rising sea-levels.

Pacific islanders successful in NZ immigration ballot have a mountain to climb for residence

Last week, from more than 22,000 Pacific islanders that applied, the successful 7 per cent (1,675) selected through a ballot for a chance at New Zealand residence was announced. New Zealand’s Pacific Quota scheme, an...

Appeal planned in American Samoa citizenship lawsuit

American Samoan plaintiffs plan to appeal a federal 3-judge panel decision that US citizenship by birth on US territories, like American Samoa, is not a fundamental right. They plan to appeal to the full Circuit Court of Appeals consisting of 11 active judges. If judges decline, plaintiffs indicate going to US Supreme Court.

Pacific Immigration Quota opens but NZ’s “mean-spirited” immigration policies remain

Changes to Immigration policies enacted by the John Key government, such as the removal of the Adult Sibling category in 2012 has not only made things difficult, it is has become in some cases, a legal instrument keeping families apart.

DEPORTATION BELLS: NZ’s Immigration bill sounds danger warning for Pacific and ethnic communities

“It also enables the government to deport someone with residency who may have provided false information in their visa application – even if that information wasn’t relevant to the decision to grant the visa. They don’t even need to know the information was false.”