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NCD Summit: Tokelau faces up to the challenge of non-communicable diseases

Dr Silivia and her team are aiming for an action-laden list of outcomes from the summit. That from Tokelau’s leaders, government departments, and partners SPC, WHO and New Zealand they will get their commitments to build a roadmap of ‘integrated’ NCD activities for the next three years.

Preventable cancer deaths in NZ’s Pacific peoples are increasing. Yet decreasing amongst Europeans/Other – why?

The study’s findings are an indictment on government agencies, health service providers and social services who have certainly effected positive change in all other segments of New Zealand’s demographic but; have/are failing big time with Pasifika and Maori communities.

Concerns over flow of asbestos into Pacific as New Zealand’s import ban comes into effect

There is grave concern about the unrestricted flow of asbestos products into Pacific countries ill-equipped to deal with the problem. Besides Australia and New Zealand, no other nation in the region has a policy preventing the use and importation of asbestos. Nauru, Niue, Kiribati and Vanuatu account for 83% of all non-residential asbestos.

UN declaration on antimicrobial resistance lacks targets

Last week’s UN declaration on Antimicrobial Resistance has been criticised by experts for not going far enough. A “sweeping statement of concern” lacking teeth to tackle: (i) factory farmers who use antibiotics as growth-promoters to fatten animals and breeding reservoirs of resistant pathogens; and (ii) the overuse of antibiotics in people.

First Pacific graduates from Auckland University’s business school are women, Tongan, same age and both with PhDs.

Fifita hopes her findings will help design public campaigns to persuade women from taking up smoking. Sisifa’s research found cultural differences in thinking about management practices undermine the success of development projects.

How the global health community could meet the challenge of climate change impacts on health and global justice

Climate change is expected to cause around 250,000 additional deaths each year between 2030 and 2050 from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea and heat stress. The direct damage costs to health is estimated US$2-4billion per year by 2030. Medact’s Joy Hyvarinen writes on how the global health community can meet the challenge.

NZ BUDGET FAIL: Govt’s 2016 budget has failed Pasifika, failed the Realm, failed New Zealanders!

By Su’a William Sio,MP for Mangere and Labour Party’s Pacific Spokesperson. Budget 2016 fails to address the big issues that matter to our communities. The National Government reveals itself as an arrogant government who is...