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Building resilience into Tokelau’s 100% solar energy system – add wind power

A three-pronged solution to Tokelau’s energy demands is being implemented. One that expands the capacity of the current energy system, keeps Tokelau within the decarbonization guidelines of the Paris Agreement, and adds resilience to its power sector.

The four success components behind Tuvalu’s US$38million GCF project, and importance of climate finance access

Tuvalu’s success makes it only the second Pacific island country, after Fiji, to have successfully accessed GCF project finance. It highlights the difficulties that small under-resourced and under-capacitated Pacific island countries face when trying to access multilateral climate financing.

ACP Group keen to ‘reel in’ fisheries subsidies through the WTO framework

The ACP Group recognizes that fisheries subsidies cause economic losses in the sector and creates serious distortions in global fish markets impacting food security and livelihoods. Addressing fisheries subsidies will deliver trade, economic, development and environmental benefits.

Australian & Micronesia scientists build a ‘safe zone’ for Pohnpei’s local fish and fisheries

Underneath the waves of Palikir Pass, one of the world’s top surf breaks in the Pacific Ocean, lies a new safe zone which aims to ensure the survival of local fisheries and the species that are caught in Pohnpei, Micronesia. It’s all thanks to a group of scientists from Australia and Micronesia who have found by measuring how far fish travel, habitats can be better protected.

Samoa at centre of UN Small Islands Partnership Framework to protect vulnerable islands

The Framework is a direct follow-up of the third SIDS Conference held in Samoa, 2014 with the purpose: to monitor and ensure that pledges and commitments through partnerships that were made for SIDS, are implemented in full.