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Inaugural ‘Whole of University’ camp for first-time Pasifika students – Wellington

“The transition from high school to university is a major one that is often rife with uncertainties. The camp’s major purpose is to answer questions, relieve stresses and learn new skills so the students can hit the ground running from day one,” Luamanuvao Winnie

National Govt’s good choice: Tagaloatele appointed to NZ Council on the Employment of Women

  The appointment of Professor Tagaloatele Peggy Dunlop to the Advisory Council on the Employment of Women is a significant and far-sighted decision by this National government. The trailblazing academic who has also been...

First Pacific graduates from Auckland University’s business school are women, Tongan, same age and both with PhDs.

Fifita hopes her findings will help design public campaigns to persuade women from taking up smoking. Sisifa’s research found cultural differences in thinking about management practices undermine the success of development projects.

Cook Islands PM, Henry Puna, installed as 23rd Chancellor of USP

“I am conscious of the fact that a lot of important people have walked this path before me including the late Sir Geoffrey Henry from the Cook Islands so I have very big shoes to fill. But because it’s a family University in the sense that it belongs to all of us in the South Pacific, I am comfortable because already I feel at home.” Hon. Henry Puna.

From Savalalo to London: 12-year old, St Mary Primary student in London to launch her book: The Voice of an Island

Twelve-year-old Samoan student Lupeoaunu’u Va’ai won a Gold Medal award for her story ‘The Voice of an Island’ in the Voices of Future Generations Children’s Story Writing Competition last year. She is one of...

NZ’s education ministry dodging responsibility as IRD investigates Pasifika education provider

Putting aside the rationale that Mo Tatou mismanaged their business, that they didn’t know how to run it properly and the audit may turn up more causal factors. The surprise was how the Ministry of Education hung them out to dry in public while painting itself as the good guy coming to clean up the mess – when they are equally to blame.