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Open letter to Alfred: Is this really the bright future promised to our Pasifika people?

How many of our people have benefitted from the jobs Alfred Ngaro claims have been created? Are they among the 11.3 per cent of our people unemployed when the New Zealand average is 5.9 per cent? Are they surviving by cobbling together two or three casual jobs to make ends meet? asks Su’a William Sio.

CLIMATE REFUGEE: Kiribati and Tuvalu community petition NZ govt for Ioane Teitioata

Tomorrow afternoon, Mr Ioane Teitioata will be deported to Kiribati unless Associate Immigration Minister, Craig Foss uses his executive power to intervene. Mr Teitioata’s fight to stay in New Zealand is well documented where...

NZ govt to drowning Pacific nations “not going to give it a white person’s guilt response to it,” Michael Woodhouse

Mr Woodhouse’s comments is evidence of the low priority the current Australia and New Zealand government immigration ministers have about Pacific island nations on the verge of drowning from rising sea-levels.

Tokelau’s voice doesn’t count in climate change talk – Su’a Sio calls NZ to champion them

At the forefront of this ‘climate kill zone’ stands one of the world’s most vulnerable nations to climate change, Tokelau, but whose voice is not recognised by the international climate treaty negotiations process – unless it is invited by New Zealand.

Arms Treaty training for Labour’s government take-over says Su’a William

The New Zealand public infrastructure that provides vital support to vulnerable Kiwis, in particular Pacific islanders, is deliberately being destroyed by the National government since it came into power according to Labour’s Pacific spokesperson...

NZ govt plays mum on West Papua position heading to Pacific leaders summit

West Papua is one of five priority items confirmed for Pacific leaders to discuss and decide on a course of action when they meet in Papua New Guinea next month. A visit by a...

NZ parliament’s Poto Williams: Daughter for the Return Home

Member of Parliament, Poto Williams, is one of those rare individuals that has right of claim to writing parts of history. When she won last year’s Christchurch East by-election, she became the first Cook Islands...

Su’a needs one more vote to pass climate change friendly law

Su’a’s amendment will introduce a new topic for inclusion in contents of government prepared Synthesis and Domain Reports on NZ’s environment. It will allow officials to report to the Government of the day on how NZ’s economic and environmental activities impact on the Pacific region’s climate ecosystems, and its people.

HONE’S PROPHESY: NZ’s social housing was always for wealthy property speculators

“The government simply does not care. They continue to lie and deceive and fudge figures to cover up the fact that they’re selling up and pulling down state houses around the country because they’d rather sell the land to their property developer mates – the very thing that makes the hole of the housing affordability crisis even bigger and deeper.” Hone Harawira Nov, 2012.