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What’s in a name as Alfred Ngaro announce Pacific language week dates?

“In my family we have three Pacific languages and cultures; Cook Island, Vagahau Niue and Gagana Samoa but I’ll be making a special effort to learn more phrases from some of the other heavenly languages of the Pacific.” Hon. Alfred Ngaro

Tuvalu’s 38th Independence celebrations mark historic ties with NZ, home to its largest diaspora

Establishing Tuvalu’s High Commission in Wellington has been a long standing desire of the Government of Tuvalu to formally recognise the value of their relationship and the important role New Zealand plays in the region and internationally.

Preserving Tuvalu’s language in NZ becomes critical as nation face existential threat from climate change

Tuvalu language week is an important occasion as it focuses attention on preserving our language and culture in New Zealand. There are three major reasons why that is critical for Tuvaluans both here and at home. Tuvalu High Commissioner to NZ, HE Samuelu Laloniu.

Climate tops Pacific leaders agenda–what it means to smaller Pacific states–Tuvalu

The SIS Strategy is an important integrating tool in Tuvalu’s vision and plans to safeguard its lands, seas and people to the growing threats of climate change, natural disasters and related economic and social hazards.

The four success components behind Tuvalu’s US$38million GCF project, and importance of climate finance access

Tuvalu’s success makes it only the second Pacific island country, after Fiji, to have successfully accessed GCF project finance. It highlights the difficulties that small under-resourced and under-capacitated Pacific island countries face when trying to access multilateral climate financing.

Tokelau’s chairmanship on Oceans Declaration augurs well for Polynesian Leaders summit in September

It is the Ocean that binds us all. A healthy ocean is critical to a healthy planet, and Polynesians are custodians to the largest Ocean area of the globe. We are the people of the Ocean and therefore our responsibility to carry that message throughout our region and beyond.

Tuvalu, first small Pacific nation to gain GCF project funding with US$38.8million for Coastal Adaptation project

Project resources will be used to put in place a robust coastal protection infrastructure along 2,210m of vulnerable coastlines of Funafuti, Nanumea and Nanumaga representing nearly 28% of the high value zone of the country, which currently has no protective measures. It also represents 10% of all vulnerable coastlines in the country.

Paula Bennett cries, backs renewable energy as Pacific solution to climate change

On 3 June, Mrs Bennett walked past Betio Hospital, functional but, previously, had been evacuated due to flooding: “You can read about it, you can hear the stories, but when you are faced with it in reality, it is incredibly stark.”

‘400 Day’ milestone confirm Tokelau’s climate warning as world bury heads in sand!

‘400 Day’ is a level scientists figure the accumulation of greenhouse gases has pushed global temperatures up to nearly 1.5°C since 1850. They estimate that 2°C of warming will occur at 450 ppm.