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UN global summit adopts Tokelau’s ‘Leave no one behind’ call to action

UN head, Ban Ki Moon reminded world leaders the plan conveyed the urgency of climate action, enshrined gender equality and respect for the rights of all as “a promise by leaders to all people everywhere”, a pledge committing them to leave “no one behind”.

Children’s bibles open doors in Solomon Islands

The village chief asked for a reason why they were there. He said, ‘We are coming to your village to distribute the Word of God.’ As soon as he heard this, he rang the Sunday school bell. When the kids heard the bell, they all ran to the community hall, even some with their parents, primary school teachers and Sunday school teachers.

NZ must back Pacific nations with climate change actions

Messages of condolences from this house have no meaningful effect if they are not backed by action to ensure such horrors are not repeated. Words from professional politicians will never be a match for actions from real leaders. Dr Russel Norman

PACIFIC WOMEN: Making it Happen

“In the Solomon Island of Simbo, in the Western Province, we were asked to intervene in a situation that seemed beyond our abilities. On this island women left their homes for up to three weeks to sell their produce on a neighbouring island.” Adi Tafuna’i.

BREACH OF TRUST: NZ and Australian govts caught spying on Pacific nations

According to leaked documents released yesterday by the NZ Herald, Australian and New Zealand spy agencies have been spying on their Pacific island neighbors for some time. The information harvested by New Zealand’s Government...

GLOBAL ACHIEVERS: Six Pacific youth, winners of Queen Elizabeth’s inaugural global award

Six exceptional individuals from Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Fiji are amongst 60 inaugural winners of the prestigious Queen’s Young Leaders Award for 2014. A New Zealander and two Australians were...

Oceania voices call for urgent climate action. And why blindly throwing money at it doesn’t work

The latest United Nations (UN) call for dramatic cuts in fossil fuel use to avoid irreversible climate change impacts is backed by a book full of Pacific evidence. The ‘Voices from Oceania on the...