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‘Fisheries Observer’ victory at Tuna Commission: The Pacific’s ‘kapa haka’ moment!

Endorsing the ‘observer safety measure’ is a huge step symbolically for the Tuna Commission. It’s Pacific countries performing the Haka in front of DWFNs – letting them know they wont be pushed around anymore on issues important to them.

Melanesia’s ocean worth NZ$760 billion under pressure from overfishing, population growth and climate change

A WWF report warns that the oceans of Melanesia – a vast Pacific real estate worth an estimated NZ$760billion generating annual revenue of US NZ$7.5 billion – is suffering from resource exploitation, population growth and climate change.

Paula Bennett cries, backs renewable energy as Pacific solution to climate change

On 3 June, Mrs Bennett walked past Betio Hospital, functional but, previously, had been evacuated due to flooding: “You can read about it, you can hear the stories, but when you are faced with it in reality, it is incredibly stark.”

Saving babies and mums: Midwifery, critical service for Pacific national progress with a focus on Fiji

“Whilst working towards building midwives numbers in-country, we are seriously considering bringing in retired midwives and we have done that for the last three years – at retirement these women have experience, the know-how, clinical and leadership skills and their midwifery practice is top-notch.” Fiji’s Director Nursing Services, Ms Silina Waqa.

Pacific’s most beautiful woman: PNG’s Abigail Havora from Gabagaba village

Newly crowned Miss Pacific Islands, Abigail Havora said true Pacific beauty is found within. Before the finals of the Pacific Islands pageant held in the Cook Islands, she was quoted saying, “Pacific Islanders are...

Samoa Consulate in PNG announcement celebrated by Pacific religious leaders in NZ

Confirmation this week Samoa has set up a Consulate Office in Papua New Guinea has been celebrated a spiritual milestone by leaders of the Ekalesia Faapotopotoga Kerisiano Samoa (EFKS) in Aotearoa New Zealand. The...