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Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink: Adapting to life in climate change-hit Kiribati

Ruteta, a mother of three living in Tabonibara village, North Tarawa, knows all too well the problems that contaminated well water can bring. Rainwater harvesting systems can provide safer and more reliable access to water for many people in Kiribati.

Concerns over flow of asbestos into Pacific as New Zealand’s import ban comes into effect

There is grave concern about the unrestricted flow of asbestos products into Pacific countries ill-equipped to deal with the problem. Besides Australia and New Zealand, no other nation in the region has a policy preventing the use and importation of asbestos. Nauru, Niue, Kiribati and Vanuatu account for 83% of all non-residential asbestos.

Climate tops Pacific leaders agenda–what it means to smaller Pacific states–Tuvalu

The SIS Strategy is an important integrating tool in Tuvalu’s vision and plans to safeguard its lands, seas and people to the growing threats of climate change, natural disasters and related economic and social hazards.

Paula Bennett cries, backs renewable energy as Pacific solution to climate change

On 3 June, Mrs Bennett walked past Betio Hospital, functional but, previously, had been evacuated due to flooding: “You can read about it, you can hear the stories, but when you are faced with it in reality, it is incredibly stark.”

‘400 Day’ milestone confirm Tokelau’s climate warning as world bury heads in sand!

‘400 Day’ is a level scientists figure the accumulation of greenhouse gases has pushed global temperatures up to nearly 1.5°C since 1850. They estimate that 2°C of warming will occur at 450 ppm.

UN global summit adopts Tokelau’s ‘Leave no one behind’ call to action

UN head, Ban Ki Moon reminded world leaders the plan conveyed the urgency of climate action, enshrined gender equality and respect for the rights of all as “a promise by leaders to all people everywhere”, a pledge committing them to leave “no one behind”.

CLIMATE REFUGEE: Kiribati and Tuvalu community petition NZ govt for Ioane Teitioata

Tomorrow afternoon, Mr Ioane Teitioata will be deported to Kiribati unless Associate Immigration Minister, Craig Foss uses his executive power to intervene. Mr Teitioata’s fight to stay in New Zealand is well documented where...

NZ govt to drowning Pacific nations “not going to give it a white person’s guilt response to it,” Michael Woodhouse

Mr Woodhouse’s comments is evidence of the low priority the current Australia and New Zealand government immigration ministers have about Pacific island nations on the verge of drowning from rising sea-levels.