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US Tuna fishing company ordered to pay US$2million for polluting Am. Samoa waters

A U.S. District Court judge has ordered an American tuna fishing company to pay a $1.6million fine and a US$400,000 community service payment to American Samoa authorities after it was convicted Thursday last week for illegally discharging oil in American Samoa waters; and maintaining false records.

NZ govt ignoring ICT obligations to Niue, Cook Is. and Tokelau an injustice

NZ’s lack of action, whether by ignorance or just poor advise, has huge impacts on Realm nations. The omission from Hawaiki and therefore high-speed connectivity to the rest of the world drills far deeper than just the price of the sea-cable infrastructure build. The price being paid is the cost of ‘time-delay’ that will stunt developmental progress by decades, perhaps longer for these countries.

If American Samoa becomes a full Pacific Forum member, what might they bring to the mix?

The Attorney General has been tasked to raise our interest with the two oversight US agencies whether our participation would violate any condition of our relationship with the United States Government. If a favorable response emanates, the appropriate membership application will be filed with the Forum Secretariat.

Tokelau’s chairmanship on Oceans Declaration augurs well for Polynesian Leaders summit in September

It is the Ocean that binds us all. A healthy ocean is critical to a healthy planet, and Polynesians are custodians to the largest Ocean area of the globe. We are the people of the Ocean and therefore our responsibility to carry that message throughout our region and beyond.

Massive shift in global mind-set applauded by UN agency-but Pacific colonies not included!

In 2006, the world was wedded to a paradigm of at-all-costs economic development. Ten years later there’s a global agreement on climate change, and a universal approach to sustainable development. An international recognition of the fundamental relationship between social equity, economic development and healthy environment. But a segment of the global community – the ‘bloc of countries and people’, colonies of first world countries – they are not recognized.