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Announced: FFA’s new deputy Director General – Tokelau raised Matthew Hooper

He is well known and respected for his capability to work with people and it’s a very tricky situation to help resolve issues. And I think at the end of the day that was the principal basis for the recommendation from the interview panel.

Leasi Scanlan, leading Diplomats through Donald Trump’s changing global landscape

In the new world under Trump, Diplomats could play a significant part. For centuries, their principal role is to act as catalysts for peace and understanding between peoples. Leasi’s raw perspective, non-traditional diplomatic experience and institutional networking makes him the best prepared diplomat to lead the Diplomatic Corp in these uncertain times.

Washington State & Am. Samoa’s Joe Salave’a named amongst 18 finalists for Polynesian Football Hall of Fame

Polynesian Football Hall of Fame announced 18 finalists for 6 spots to be inducted in 2017. Washington State’s defensive line coach Joe Salave’a is one of 11 Samoans in the 18 shortlisted candidates that include one of Maori ancestry, Riki Morgan Ellison.

Mīria George, first Cook Islander awarded a Fulbright

“This is a uniquely Pasifika journey. It will investigate the outside factors which have had a huge impact on the lives of Pacific peoples and also search for hope for the future of the Pacific and the world.” Miria George.

Part 1: Rare insight to raising Pacific superfamilies in Wellington’s Porirua region

  It all started seven years ago when Rebecca Welch was introduced to the Aoga Amata (early childhood centre) run by EFKS (Congregational Christian Church of Samoa) Porirua headed by Reverend Nove and wife...

International cooperation and personal relations key to stopping illegal fishing globally

Auckland, NZ – At the official opening of the 5th Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop (GFETW) there was general agreement that the key to stopping illegal fishing globally, is through international cooperation and sharing...

Genetic study reveal Polynesian origins, and how 5,000 year migration impact Pasifika and Maori health today

There are many theories and accounts of Pacific voyaging, but this is the first that brings it all together and provides the only complete description of the origins of Polynesian peoples, their complex ancestry, and how genetic variation was lost as people migrated across the Pacific.