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REEF ROBBERS: Who’s paying? New pressures for Pacific surveillance from Vietnam’s Blue Boats

“As we deal with the Vietnamese blue boat issue, technically this is not within the FFA’s mandate. So we will be looking for a full mandate from member countries.” James Movick, FFA Director General.

US Tuna fishing company ordered to pay US$2million for polluting Am. Samoa waters

A U.S. District Court judge has ordered an American tuna fishing company to pay a $1.6million fine and a US$400,000 community service payment to American Samoa authorities after it was convicted Thursday last week for illegally discharging oil in American Samoa waters; and maintaining false records.

Samoa fisheries ‘Operation Rico’ catches est.$900k illegal sea cucumber harvest in Samoa

A Samoa law enforcement operation has pulled off one of the largest successful raids of illegally harvested fish products in the history of the country. Dried sea cucumber with an estimated market value as high as US$360,000 or just under $1million Samoan tala. A Chinese man caught in the raid has been charged with breaching Samoa’s Fisheries Act 1988.

GRADUATE PRISONERS: Prisoner finds employment, debut success for Pasifika mentoring programme

A Pacific program set-up to help re-integrate released prisoners to life outside has made a difference in its debut year. From its first five participants who graduated 17 December last year, one has found...