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How people took on the world’s biggest Tuna company and won!

Today is a big day for our oceans. It is good news for sea turtles and sharks, sea birds and tuna. It is also a great day for hundreds of thousands of workers at sea, many of whom have been victims of horrendous working conditions and human rights abuses.

ACP Group keen to ‘reel in’ fisheries subsidies through the WTO framework

The ACP Group recognizes that fisheries subsidies cause economic losses in the sector and creates serious distortions in global fish markets impacting food security and livelihoods. Addressing fisheries subsidies will deliver trade, economic, development and environmental benefits.

Samoa at centre of UN Small Islands Partnership Framework to protect vulnerable islands

The Framework is a direct follow-up of the third SIDS Conference held in Samoa, 2014 with the purpose: to monitor and ensure that pledges and commitments through partnerships that were made for SIDS, are implemented in full.

US hypocrisy as China’s rejection of international court continues Super Power precedent

The fact that not one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council have ever accepted any international court’s ruling when (in their view) it infringed their sovereignty or national security interests gives China just cause for rejecting the PCA’s decision. A continuation of a precedent that other super powers have repeatedly done for decades.

PACIFIC FIRST: Fiji diplomat elected President of the United Nations

Fifth generation Fijian, Peter Thomson, Fiji’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations has been elected President of the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). In the largely ceremonial but prestigious post,...

Englishing Samoan: Gagana Samoa trending as the international language for Pacific islands region

If Gagana Samoa is trending to become the standard Pacific language for the international community, then there are some interesting developmental opportunity implications especially for New Zealand. Such as influx of international investment and projects, exposure and recognition, employment opportunities and international relations.