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Disney A-listers awestruck by ‘Pasifika Voices’ and their Samoan, Tokelauan, Kiwi and Melanesian connection

I have been working in a lot of movies and whether recording in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the world, I can sincerely say that the experience in working with Pasifika Voices has been the absolute tops. Oscar winner: Tom MacDougall.

New Disney trailer feature Baby ‘Moana’ and the real Moana – the ‘Pacific Ocean’

In the trailer, Baby Moana walks through a parting, sentient ocean full of vibrant marine life ― every detail look authentic and vibrant. And with Te Vaka’s music in the background the mythical essence of the South Seas in antiquity is captured poetically and spiritually.

Te Vaka and the Tokelauan song for Disney’s Princess Moana

It is those early days at A’ai o To’elau in Alamagoto village that uniquely places Opetaia Foa’i and Te Vaka to infuse Moana’s musical score with authentic Polynesian essence and stories that open windows to ancient Polynesia.

Samoan Kiwi opera star wins ‘Audience Award’ at world opera competition

Pene, one member of New Zealand’s all Samoan trinity group Sol3 Mio won second place in the world of Opera’s most prestigious competition, Operalia in London yesterday. In the process continues to write chapters in the story of Sol3 Mio, with his brother Amita’i and cousin Moses McKay.

MOANA: Disney’s Pacific princess signs Dwayne Johnston and Maori writer Waititi

Polynesian culture, history and folklore is set for a massive global spike next year as Walt Disney Animation Studios releases its first Polynesian princess animated feature – Moana. There is already excitement amongst American...