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GCF Board, world’s multibillion dollar climate fund meets in Samoa under shadow of ineffectiveness

“For Pacific nations, simplified procedures are not only about getting faster access to available resources, but on a broader level about building up and retaining the capacity in our regions to plan and implement climate change activities.” HE Ali’ioaiga Feturi Elisaia.

Rich nations table roadmap to raise US$100billion annual climate finance for poor countries to adapt to climate change

“It’s vital that this precious public finance is targeted at the very poorest people, in the harder to reach places, places the private sector can’t or won’t go. We also need to see a fifty-fifty balance between funding for adaptation and for emission-reducing mitigation.” Alison Doig, Christian Aid.

Melanesia’s ocean worth NZ$760 billion under pressure from overfishing, population growth and climate change

A WWF report warns that the oceans of Melanesia – a vast Pacific real estate worth an estimated NZ$760billion generating annual revenue of US NZ$7.5 billion – is suffering from resource exploitation, population growth and climate change.

First talks between Samoa and EU underscore ‘united and coordinated’ approach to tackling global challenges

Cooperation and tackling global challenges such as climate change were the main outcomes from Samoa and the European Union’s first political talks under the Cotonou framework held in Apia yesterday. In a joint statement,...

Climate tops Pacific leaders agenda–what it means to smaller Pacific states–Tuvalu

The SIS Strategy is an important integrating tool in Tuvalu’s vision and plans to safeguard its lands, seas and people to the growing threats of climate change, natural disasters and related economic and social hazards.

Saving babies and mums: Midwifery, critical service for Pacific national progress with a focus on Fiji

“Whilst working towards building midwives numbers in-country, we are seriously considering bringing in retired midwives and we have done that for the last three years – at retirement these women have experience, the know-how, clinical and leadership skills and their midwifery practice is top-notch.” Fiji’s Director Nursing Services, Ms Silina Waqa.

UN global summit adopts Tokelau’s ‘Leave no one behind’ call to action

UN head, Ban Ki Moon reminded world leaders the plan conveyed the urgency of climate action, enshrined gender equality and respect for the rights of all as “a promise by leaders to all people everywhere”, a pledge committing them to leave “no one behind”.

Tokelau urges 193 world leaders to UN sustainable development summit: ‘Leave no one behind’

Sustainable development is critical to addressing the “special case” of small islands like Tokelau, but must also take into account that for large emerging economies like China, climate change is only one issue related to development as creating new jobs is viewed as essential for economic growth and social stability.