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CLIMATE CLUBS: Why we urgently need “climate clubs” beyond Paris2015

After more than 20 years of following the ‘failings’ of the UN climate negotiations process as an official, Penehuro Lefale will be in Paris next week, as an ‘Observer’ to talk about an initiative that could turn current UN failings into climate success through – Climate Clubs.

“Australia, stop your assumptions – violence is not part of Pacific culture”, says Le’au Asenati.

By Le’aufa’amulia Asenati Lole-Taylor Our cultures, our beliefs, our values, our ways of thinking and behaving – are central to understanding violent behaviour in Australia’s multicultural society. Our support agencies working to prevent domestic...

NZ and Fiji relations restored or is it a US agenda?

It was a positive jovial meeting that was kicked off by “Bula” and rugby in a small cubicle in New York. But it is the ‘formal’ and ‘scheduled’ nature of the meeting after a 10-year stand-off that has alarm bells ringing something is not quite right.