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Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink: Adapting to life in climate change-hit Kiribati

Ruteta, a mother of three living in Tabonibara village, North Tarawa, knows all too well the problems that contaminated well water can bring. Rainwater harvesting systems can provide safer and more reliable access to water for many people in Kiribati.

US Republicans consider Carbon Tax proposal that has no emissions cap

The plan “would defuse the climate issue for Republicans, without growing government revenue, while rolling back energy regulations and sending Americans a regular check in the mail.” But industry groups are likely to continue to oppose regulation and environmental groups voice concern that implementing a carbon tax without capping emissions is not a wholly effective solution.

Above and beyond – A modern day scientist’s voyage to the Pacific’s remote and traditional island of Tikopia

A NIWA technician spent four days and three nights on a crowded boat heading to one of the most remote places in the Pacific to help install a weather station. On island, he came face to face with Pacific village protocol when the chief came for a visit. “Only speak to him if he speaks to you, only drink what he decides he wants to drink, and eat whatever he offers you from his plate. Above all, approach him on your knees and walk backwards to leave.”

GCF Board, world’s multibillion dollar climate fund meets in Samoa under shadow of ineffectiveness

“For Pacific nations, simplified procedures are not only about getting faster access to available resources, but on a broader level about building up and retaining the capacity in our regions to plan and implement climate change activities.” HE Ali’ioaiga Feturi Elisaia.

At Morocco climate meeting, should Pacific countries follow Bangladesh’s focus on ‘Loss and Damage’?

With the 2C goal, let alone 1.5C aspirational goal virtually impossible if Trump withdraws the US, their “1.5C to stay alive” position has been weakened significantly. What other options are there for Pacific states in a new and more difficult landscape?

Trump’s victory could unravel Paris climate deal, pinning Pacific islanders’ hope on Chinese leadership

Donald Trump’s move to rescind Obama’s climate orders could unravel the Paris agreement, taking it from the 97 per cent of global emissions currently covered by the pact to little more than the European Union’s 10 percent share.

Pacific welcomes global climate agreement. Urge negotiators to focus on real enemy – ‘profit driven systems’ in Marrakech COP22

For Pacific negotiators this is the moment of truth. The destination aimed for from 1992. They are the officials in the moment. To ensure the region’s priorities are not ignored, sidelined, diluted or omitted from the important texts that will frame policies, financing, activities and projects under the Paris Agreement and its future accords.