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Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink: Adapting to life in climate change-hit Kiribati

Ruteta, a mother of three living in Tabonibara village, North Tarawa, knows all too well the problems that contaminated well water can bring. Rainwater harvesting systems can provide safer and more reliable access to water for many people in Kiribati.

From Savalalo to London: 12-year old, St Mary Primary student in London to launch her book: The Voice of an Island

Twelve-year-old Samoan student Lupeoaunu’u Va’ai won a Gold Medal award for her story ‘The Voice of an Island’ in the Voices of Future Generations Children’s Story Writing Competition last year. She is one of...

NZ’s education ministry dodging responsibility as IRD investigates Pasifika education provider

Putting aside the rationale that Mo Tatou mismanaged their business, that they didn’t know how to run it properly and the audit may turn up more causal factors. The surprise was how the Ministry of Education hung them out to dry in public while painting itself as the good guy coming to clean up the mess – when they are equally to blame.

Saving babies and mums: Midwifery, critical service for Pacific national progress with a focus on Fiji

“Whilst working towards building midwives numbers in-country, we are seriously considering bringing in retired midwives and we have done that for the last three years – at retirement these women have experience, the know-how, clinical and leadership skills and their midwifery practice is top-notch.” Fiji’s Director Nursing Services, Ms Silina Waqa.

Niue student wins Victoria University’s top Pasifika award – Saffron Lupo-Samoa

Ninety-five Pacific students graduated from Victoria University of Wellington this year. Another successful year for Luamanuvao Winnie Laban’s Pasifika team who continue to not only produce high quality Pacific graduates, but at the same...

Old Māori, Sāmoan songs and stories restored as language resource-Victoria University Wellington

The project objective to save recordings of culturally valuable stories and songs so that its accessible to everyone to enjoy also had two added-value byproducts: the second, musician Muaausa Shane Rivers is not as obvious but read on and find out…

LAUNCHED: A new book of Tongan nursery rhymes and poems aimed to protect cultural principles and values

The book is a response to a lack of good resources for teaching Tongan language and culture in New Zealand. “As migrants in Aotearoa, we need to build a neighbourhood where our languages, traditions and cultural practices will continue to inspire the next generation.” Dr Linita Manu’atu.

Te Vaka and the Tokelauan song for Disney’s Princess Moana

It is those early days at A’ai o To’elau in Alamagoto village that uniquely places Opetaia Foa’i and Te Vaka to infuse Moana’s musical score with authentic Polynesian essence and stories that open windows to ancient Polynesia.