About Us

Pacific Guardians is a multi-media enterprise that promotes Pacific perspectives and social justice issues in Aotearoa NZ.


The reason for being and concept behind Pacific Guardians is based on the fundamental principle of “Va Tapuia” or sacred relationship. This principle is central to the Samoan way of life.

Orators through historyThe Va Tapuia governs relationships between people and the environment, that is, the land, the sea, the sky, flora and fauna. This principle if followed gives rise to other principles such as the “Va Fealoa’i” or mutual respect; “Tofa mamao ma le Faautautaga Loloto” or wisdom in the exercise of authority.

It is this principle in respect of ‘information’ the Pacific Guardians media initiatives are set-up to protect. Pacific Guardians does this by putting in place systems that take into account the four levels of enlightenment. Together, they safeguard the Va Tapuia holistically and human beings individually.

1. Knowledge: Acquisition, collection, and archiving.
2. Understanding: Compilation, intelligence to link together the web of interconnectedness into meaningfulness.
3. Wisdom: The wielding of Understanding.
4. Love: The Power of goodness to guide the execution of Wisdom.

The four levels in the Samoan context are captured in the phrase below by Mrs Vini Peteru:
Lo ta amataga o le upu lava.
Tala tuu o le olaga ua i ma’a ma papa
Gafoa malama i faatupugaga
O ivi ua atuagala ua tautatala
O tala tuu a Eperu: na fetalai le Atua ona iai lea o mea uma
O talatuu a Eleni: o le renewed covenant: sa i le amataga le upu, sa i le Atua le upu, o le Atua fo’i le upu

Guardians of Va Tapuia.

To customize the ‘interface’ between Pacific communities, the work of organizations and governments as the conduit for a two-way communication between Pacific communities and NZ society. Getting the interface “right” connects target audiences with key messages and accurate information. It allows critical decision-making that will make a positive difference in the lives of individuals. The corollary for organizations: getting this right affirms an organization’s relevance and reasons for being.

Raise skill level and leadership capabilities of Pacific youth. Through them, raise their work-force market value and potential translating to higher wages and leadership at all levels of society. Va Tapuia forms the bridge between new and older generations that ensures preservation and sustenance of their unique culture, identity, traditions and language.