2016 Budget: Government’s low housing priority blasted by Labour MPs Su’a and Salesa

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  1. Te Moli says:
    Address the need for affordable housing yes, but not at the expense of local tangata whenua.
    Why don’t we see the same pressures to meet housing demand placed on Golf Clubs and developers hoarding land in Auckland currently, as we see put on iwi at Ihumatao and other places of incredible significance to again carry the burden of poor policy & privatisation?
    That land at Ihumatao had only been sold once since it was wrongfully confiscated by the Crown. By right it should be returned to the hapu and whanau connected there, not sold again.
    It’s also saddening to note that the Head of Fletchers Living, ‘2nd-time-since-confiscation-purchaser’ is of Pacific ethnicity.
    This year, may Pacific Peoples vote in solidarity with tangata whenua, not against our own interests.

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