State Housing: connecting the dots from the streets


Migrated to NZ in the 1970s 58 years old Education to UE level Married with 4 children and 5 grandchildren Work history: Factory worker, cleaner, security guard

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  1. teineolemau says:
    call yrself a journalist? thats a JOKE!
  2. teineolemau says:
    Sione, Under mr keys govt – 72% Pasifika kids achieved NCEA last year! close to 17 percent increase of 58% in 2007! thats an outstanding achievement that i hope to see continue!! As it will equal good paying jobs+ financial security-homes etc.

    my parents came here in the 50s bought a home and they still live in it. Yes things are different but our people need to join up to kiwisaver and stop going to every loan shark in the book and buying 4wdrives and luxury items they cant afford ! u want a house then save for it- stop blaming everyone else! Even a cleaner can afford to put a dollar away every week.

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